A patent is a form of legal protection for inventions (patent protection). An invention can be defined as a technical solution to technical problems and is patentable if it is new, involves an inventive step and is susceptible to industrial application.

Patent protection is territorial and the term of validity of patent protection lasts for the maximum term of 20 years; an annuity fee must be paid for each year of validity.

In the field of inventions, we:

  • consult on the protection of inventions and choose an optimum protection strategy;
  • validate European patents in Estonia;
  • offer high quality translations of patent specifications.
  • prepare documents and file applications with regards to invention patenting or protection as a utility model in Estonia;
  • monitor and pay patent annuity fees;
  • monitor validity terms utility models in Estonia and prepare renewal documents;
  • translate patent specifications from English or German into Estonian.