The Estonian Patent Office published its Annual Report of 2015

On the 14th of April, the Estonian Patent Office published its Annual Report of 2015 which depicts different statistics regarding intellectual property objects and the biggest structural and methodical changes which have taken place in the last year. Additionally, the report comprises information about different publications, official gazettes and the goals and future prospects of the Patent Office.

Amongst other things, the director general of the Patent Office has brought out that in 2015, all examination deadlines shortened. For example, the average duration of the examination of trade mark applications is 8.5 months and the average for patents is 2 years. That can, to some extent, be attributed to the goal set by the Patent Office in 2015 that IT developments ought to promote intellectual property protection e-services and to up-date examination software.

In 2016, the Office will continue with a new internal structure. The number of administrative and structural units and employees has decreased in order to help the Office become a highly developed competence center with skilled specialists who compensated for their work properly.

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