Today, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated

Since 2000, World Intellectual Property Day has been celebrated annually on 26 April to highlight the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) in innovation and creativity, and how, in turn, it impacts our society and daily life.

The theme of World IP Day in 2019 is “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”, celebrating IP’s role in organized sports activities. As the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Director General Francis Gurry pointed out, “IP rights are at the heart of the global sports ecosystem and all the commercial relationships that make sports happen.”

Various types of IP rights find their place in the sports ecosystem, whether cutting-edge technical solutions in the form of patents and utility models, or trade mark and design rights that form the basis of brand culture, helping to build customer loyalty and add significant commercial value.

IP is indeed everywhere, although it may slip our minds on a daily basis. But what better time to read more about IP rights than the World IP Day – click here to read more on the World Intellectual Property Organization’s website!