Estonia’s Industrial Property Statistics – the first half of 2022

The Estonian Patent Office has published its 2022 industrial property statistics for the first half of the year on the processing of applications for legal protection and on the corresponding registers.

Amongst other data the reports show that in the first half of 2022, the total amount of patent applications filed was 9, whereas 7 of them were filed by Estonian applicants. 682 European Patents were entered into the national register and simultaneously 587 were deleted from the register. The validity of 13 patents was restored. The number of utility model applications was 21, only 1 of them filed under the PCT.

A total of 534 national trade mark applications were filed, 453 by Estonian residents. An additional 447 trade marks were designated to Estonia via the Madrid system. During the first half of 2022, 764 national trade mark examination decisions were made by the Estonian Patent Office – 721 of them were published registration decisions. Concerning trade marks designated to Estonia, the numbers were respectively 388 and 292.

The number of national industrial design registration applications submitted was 20, whereas 11 additional design registration requests were submitted via the Hague system.

For additional detailed information on the statistics please see the Estonian Patent Office’s website: