Innovative products were awarded the „BRUNO“

Since 2006, the Estonian Association of Designers has been giving out the BRUNO award to innovative Estonian designs. The aim of the award is to draw attention to the design profession and to highlight interesting solutions presented by domestic designers to the general public.

The design award BRUNO got its name from Bruno Tomberg – a pioneer of Estonian design who initiated giving out the first design award by the Tallinn Art Institute Department of Design in the 1980s. The BRUNO award is given out in three categories once every two years: lifestyle product, human environment product, and engineering product.

The lifestyle product design awards are given to products that can be worn (e.g., clothes, accessories) or constitute travel/hobby/pet equiment. In 2022, the „BRUNO“ was awarded to KIRA boots which are made from recycled vegan materials (designer Sirli Ratasepp).

The human evironment product design awards are given to products that constitute home/public furniture or other objects, textiles, table accessories, kitchen equipment etc. In 2022, the „BRUNO“ was awarded to B Wise lights made from mushroom materials (designer Siim Karro). The lights were initially developed to be used in the offices of Wise with the aim of enhancing the acoustics of the room in addition to providing lighting.

The engineering product design awards are given to products that are technology-based, e.g., vehicles, medical aids, other appliances. In 2022, the „BRUNO“ was awarded to a novel bladder catheter fixing system (designers Henry Markus Gregory, Kertu Liisa Lepik, Linda-Maria Varris).

A Life Work award may also be given out as a special prize. In 2022, it was awarded to Matti Õunapuu – one of the most recognised Estonian product designers who has been praised for his technical knowledge and a realistic attitude towards design.

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